Looking for insurance can be challenging especially when it comes to understanding the jargon used to describe insurance terms. Some people find it easier to work with an insurance agent to guide them through the process and help them identify the best cover.

Questions to ask your insurance agent

  • Do you offer support when clients are processing claims?

Other than explaining how long it would take to process claims in case you file for it, the agent should also be open on whether they will help you with the process. The reason you are getting insurance in the first place is for you to be able to get your claims when you have to. That is why you should ask your agent whether they will be helping you through the paper work, signing forms and understanding how you will be awarded.

  • How experienced/qualified are you?

Sadly, in the insurance industry, there are people who are masquerading as agents when they do not know what they are doing. Before you engage with an agent, you should ask them their qualification and proof that they are registered and accredited to work as insurance agents.

  • How will the premiums be calculated?

Never skip the part of asking about how the insurance company he is representing calculates premiums. There are many things that determine how premiums are calculated, including your credit reports. Make sure that the agent has made it clear for you to understand.

Do you know what is happening to the insurance company?

There are a lot of changes that that are happening in the insurance industry, and a good agent should be aware of any new development so that they can advice you accordingly. Do your research and ask them about what is going on in the industry, and if they cannot respond effectively, then you should probably consider a different option.

  • What happens if you are not available?

There will be days when your agent is not available. They could leave the company, fall sick, or worse, die. It is a sad reality that you must talk about during your early engagements. Do they have a back up plan or someone else who knows about your case so that you do not get overwhelmed when your agent is not available?

Some of the questions may come off as tough, but it is better to address everything at the start to avoid disappointments.